We offer the following railway services for Standard Track, Industrial Track, LRT, Amusement and Overhead Crane Rails. We also supply a 24-hour service for all emergency rail repairs. Contact us for more information.

Railway Welding Thermite

   Railway Development & Inspections

   Track Management Services

   Track & Railway Property Development

   Track Construction

   Track Maintenance & Repairs

   Rehabilitation & Maintenance Programs

   Rail Ties, Ballast & OTM

   Brush Cutting

   Dismantlement & Salvage

   Supply of Track Materials

   Specialized Track Work Supply & Reconditioning

   Thermite Rail Welding

   Emergency & Derailment Services (24 Hours)

   Specialty Track Work Installations, Scales, Crossings, Retarders

   Overhead Crane Rail Repairs and Maintenance

   Overhead Crane Rail Replacement

   Railroad Safety Program Development

   Rail Car Moving Services, Loading & Unloading